Sewer Extension Projects

Crestview Manor, Pleasant View, and Sand Beach
The Township held meetings  early last year to update residents in the Crestview Manor, Pleasant View, and Sand Beach Sewer Extension Project slated for construction in 2024. During these meetings, residents learned about tapping fees, schedule of construction and financial options. It is important to know that any primary dwelling within 150’ of the sewer main must tap in. The Township has determined the tap-in fees to be a maximum of $7,500.00 for each area. The Township will continue to work with residents and provide the most up to date information when it is available. If you live in one of these neighborhoods and were not able to attend a meeting, please stop by the Municipal Building for an information packet or email
Please Note: The sewer extension project is at a point that the Township will no longer revise the plans. Any future field adjustments may be made before the line is installed. We are looking forward to compiling the bid packages and providing the residents of these areas with updates. Please check emails/mail for neighborhood informational meetings.

Duke Street/Grandview Manor and Diff’s Corner/Arwin Area
Per Act 537, the state of Pennsylvania requires municipalities to ensure sewer hookup in certain areas. By 2028, the Township must provide sewer access to the residents who live near the Duke Street/Grandview Manor area and the Diff’s Corner/Arwin area. While the Township does not have a specific timeline for this project, residents should start to plan for sewer hookup.  
If you have questions regarding the sewer extension for your area, please contact 717-566-0224.
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