Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement promotes and maintains an attractive, healthy, and safe Township.  We do this by influencing and eventually eliminating negative behaviors that contribute to blight in our community.  We address incompatible land uses, unkempt properties, and unsafe buildings.  But cleaning up blight is not the only thing we do to keep South Hanover a desirable place to live, work, and play. 
Codes Enforcement Procedure     
  • Code Enforcement handles complaints related to potential violations of the Township's codes. Common complaints include rubbish, tall grass and weeds,  junked cars on private property, and many other categories.
  • Once your concern is brought to the attention of the Township,  an Inspector will conduct an inspection.  During busier times of the year, it may take several days before the inspection can happen.
  • If a violation is found, the property owner is notified by the Township.  The Inspector will automatically revisit the site on the correction date to verify compliance.
  • If compliance does not happen, the Inspector automatically continues enforcement.  If all reasonable enforcement efforts fail, further action is taken to the Magistrate. It typically takes around 30 days after the first inspection before this happens.
Reporting a Violation                                                                                                                        
  • A complaint can be logged by clicking on “Report a Violation” at the bottom of this page. (NOTE: All complaints must be in writing for the Township to take action.)
  • YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ADDRESS AND A DESCRIPTION OF THE CONCERN WHEN SUBMITTING A COMPLAINT. Otherwise, we will not be able to log the complaint into our system and schedule an inspection. 
  • If you want a call back, please leave your phone number.  Due to the number of complaints received,  we are unable to reply with the results of every complaint received.  We recommend that you wait at least 10 days before requesting a status update from the Township.
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