Township Brush Pile

The Township drop-off site is located to the right of the Public Works Building on 111 W. Third Street, Hershey in the Village of Union Deposit.

Items that can be discarded at the brush pile:
  • Tree Limbs (no longer than six feet in length and six inches in diameter)
  • Tree Debris
  • Shrubbery Clippings
  • Leaves (paper bags are okay)
  • Christmas Trees (must be cut down into smaller pieces)
Items that cannot be discarded at the brush pile:
  • No Grass Clippings
  • No Sod

The items that cannot be discarded at the Township Brush Pile should be bagged and picked up in your normal trash collection. 

Please note that this site is monitored by cameras 24/7. The site is for Township residents only and may not be used by landscaping companies or contractors. 

As a reminder: The brush pile in South Hanover Township is a benefit to all South Hanover Township residents and with no permit fee requirement. The brush pile is open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Brush must be dumped in the area to the right of the Public Works Building. Brush SHOULD NOT be dumped in the salt sheds or anywhere else on the property. Dumping in an unauthorized location is illegal. Brush gets mixed with the salt that we use to keep our roads safe during winter storms . It can render our salt unusable and clog our equipment. We ask that you DO NOT dump brush outside the permitted hours or in the wrong location. If you are unsure of the hours or location for dumping brush, please contact the Municipal Office at 717-566-0224.

Unfortunately, abuse of the brush pile may limit future availability of operating hours. Since the area is secured with cameras, anyone dumping illegally or outside the permitted hours will be cited.
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