Master Plan

The Master Plan is a land use and infrastructure plan that sets forth local goals, objectives and policies for community growth and/or redevelopment over the next 20- 30 years. It has sometimes been referred to as a comprehensive plan, future land use plan, basic plan, general plan or other term. The Master Plan serves as the basis for the local zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, other local land use regulations, and for ensuring the capital improvements are consistent with the community goals and policies expressed in the master plan. These are planning tools used by the Township to guide in community development. 

The Township Planning Commission started working on a Master Plan in 2023. The goal is to identify the problem areas in the Township and prepare for future growth. The Master Plan will be accompanied by several maps that focus on different goals throughout the Township such as road infrastructure, trails, environmental, active transportation, parks and recreation, etc. 

More updates coming soon!
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