Mass Communication

Would you like to receive updates about what's going on in the Township? There are a few ways to do that.

Sign up for our E-Notifications on the homepage. With e-notifications, you will receive an email  every time information is updated on the website. The following information is always updated in real time; emergencies, projects, traffic, road closures and more. (For events, fitness, classes and more visit the Parks and Recreation site.)

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The Township is offers a mass communication alert system for emergencies and events through Regroup. There are a few options to sign up. 

Website Sign-up:
Regroup Mass Notification Sign Up

Mobile App: 
Download Regroup Mobile on your Apple or Android device.
Use the registration code: 8cb16d0583

Print and mail or drop off to the Municipal Office:
Mass Communication Sign Up Sheet - Printable Version

We want to hear from you on how you prefer to receive notifications. Please respond by taking the Notification Survey.
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